To file a bankruptcy with no mistakes you need:

1. Instructions on how to do it

2. Actual samples from the court to show you how to do it right

We are the ONLY website that has actual samples from the court

And as most everyone knows, a PICTURE 
of an actual filed court document is worth a THOUSAND WORDS of instructions on what it is meant to contain and look like.

If you are not satisfied with our unique product, just send us an email telling us.  Then, don’t pay the invoice which gave you 3 days to pay.  It will be cancelled.


There are three basic types of bankruptcy cases:

  1. Chapter 7 – this is a fresh start bankruptcy – gets rid of all or most of your debts
  2. Chapter 13 – this is a consolidation plan – make payments over time and keep your assets.  It is quite detailed and there are many attorneys who will do it with nothing down.  It is difficult to do without an experienced attorney
  3. Chapter 11 – this is a Chapter 13 on steroids. Do not attempt this without an attorney representing or advising you.  It is expensive.

We strongly recommend that you see an experienced bankruptcy attorney for a free consultation in all cases.  This attorney will provide to you information on what type of case to file, and what system of property exemptions you should use.  You also may find that this attorney will work with you on a payment plan that you can handle.  Please see an attorney under all circumstances.

If you cannot see an attorney, we suggest that you read the Nolo Press website on bankruptcy (https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/bankruptcy) or other similar websites.   We have no affiliation with any such websites.


If you cannot afford an attorney or paralegal to help you, we suggest that you combine three tools:

  1. Our Entry Level Package with actual samples from California courts.   You can see exactly what is acceptable in court.  You can hand print the documents or fill them in using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (you can download this very powerful free program at this website https://get.adobe.com/reader/).
  2. This government website gives you complete instructions – http://www.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/instructions-individuals-2015.pdf
  3. For the property exemptions issues you must read the materials at https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/california-bankruptcy-exemptions-property-assets.html


1. Take all of your bills and make two stacks:

  • All of your unsecured bills like credit cards, hospital bills, etc.
  • All of your secured bills like car loans, house loan, etc.

2. Download the Adobe program

3. Order our product, including the samples, by sending us an email (pay 3 days later only if you are satisfied) to Grant@californiasamplepleadings.com asking for the Chapter 7 Entry Level Package, along with your city of residence.

4. Review our samples (print the samples or review them on the screen – printing is easier)

5. Complete the mandatory financial counseling program.  On the Internet connect to a financial counseling company, and complete the program (both husband and wife).  We recommend AcademyofFinancialLiteracy.com  (we have no affiliation with them – they are very inexpensive.)  Review the certificate in one of the samples to see what they are.

6. Open the Petition and Supporting Documents file using the Adobe program

7. Start filling out the petition and documents by using one or more of the samples to see what goes where

8. When you get to Schedule C, read carefully the pages referenced above in the Nolo Books website above

9. If you are being evicted and want to stay, please read the Landlord Instructions form

10. If you want to pay the filing fee in installments read the instructions attached

11.  Make the mailing matrix per the instructions attached, and put it as a .txt file on a flash drive or CD

12. Print and sign: Petition, Schedules, Statement of Financial Affairs, Chapter 7 Statement of Your Monthly Income, Statement of Intention, Statement of Social Security Number, and the landlord and installment payments if you are doing them.

13. Make a copy

14. Take photo ID, the .txt file, $335.00 in cash or a cashier’s check or money order and present them with the original and the copy of all of your paperwork at the appropriate court house (for full information on location and hours, click on the below courts):

a. Southern District

b. Central District

c. Northern District

d. Eastern District

15. Attend the hearing on the date given to you.  You will be surprised how easy it is.

16. Attend online another financial management course within 2 months, and file the certificate in court.  The samples have actual certificates that were filed in court.