To order, send an email to us at grant@californiasamplepleadings.com.  In this email state: 1) what you are ordering – Entry Level Chapter 7 Package; and 2) the name of the person ordering the package and the city you live in.  If our package does not work for you, just send us an email telling us and do not pay the invoice we send.

All of the sample cases in this package are from the United States Bankruptcy Court.  With rare exceptions, the sample court documents are identical for all Bankruptcy Courts in the United States. 

This package includes:

  1. All of the below filed sample cases.  These sample cases are excellent examples of how to file a simple Chapter 7 case by debtors who are representing themselves.  No one else shows you exactly what your documents should look like.
  2. We purchase on your behalf all of these sample documents directly from the court.  This court charge is $17.30.
  3. We also include the blank PDF documents that you will need to fill in.  There is no cost for these documents.
  4. Our service charge to you is $25.  We provide all parts of the package to you within 24 hours of your email request. 
  5. There is one additional document that must be filed in each case – Statement of Social Security Numbers.  There are no examples of this form because while it must be filed, it is not a public document because of the social security numbers.  We will also provide you this document.
  6. You will be invoiced at your email address.  You have 3 days to pay the invoice which will be for $42.30.
CSP #Type of CasePleading NameDocket #Date FiledPartyLaw FirmJudgeCourtDistrict
BK7SP1Chapter 7Voluntary Petition11/27/2017DebtorsDavid BrittonLaura S. TaylorBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP2Chapter 7Schedules A-J & Statement of Financial Affairs11/27/2017DebtorsDavid BrittonLaura S. TaylorBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP3Chapter 7Statement of Social Security Numbers21/27/2017DebtorsDavid BrittonLaura S. TaylorBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP4Chapter 7Certificate of Credit Counseling for Debtor 31/27/2017DebtorsDavid BrittonLaura S. TaylorBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP5Chapter 7Declaration Re: Electronic Filing41/27/2017DebtorsDavid BrittonLaura S. TaylorBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP6Chapter 7Certificate of Debtor Education Certification About a Financial Management Course 82/23/2017DebtorsDavid BrittonLaura S. TaylorBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP7Chapter 7Voluntary Petition18/31/2016DebtorRadmila FultonMargaret M. MannBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP8Chapter 7Schedules A-J & Statement of Financial Affairs18/31/2016DebtorRadmila FultonMargaret M. MannBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP9Chapter 7Certificate of Credit Counseling for Debtor 28/31/2016DebtorRadmila FultonMargaret M. MannBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP10Chapter 7Declaration Re: Electronic Filing 38/31/2016DebtorRadmila FultonMargaret M. MannBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP11Chapter 7Statement of Social Security Numbers48/31/2016DebtorRadmila FultonMargaret M. MannBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP12Chapter 7Rights and Responsibilities of Chapter 7 Debtors and their Attorney68/31/2016DebtorRadmila FultonMargaret M. MannBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP13Chapter 7Financial Management Certificate of Education1010/2/2016DebtorRadmila FultonMargaret M. MannBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP14Chapter 7Voluntary Petition11/11/2016DebtorsCynthia EnciscoChristopher B. LathamBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP15Chapter 7Schedules A-J & Statement of Financial Affairs11/11/2016DebtorsCynthia EnciscoChristopher B. LathamBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP16Chapter 7Statement of Social Security Numbers21/11/2016DebtorsCynthia EnciscoChristopher B. LathamBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP17Chapter 7Certificate of Credit Counseling for Debtor 31/11/2016DebtorsCynthia EnciscoChristopher B. LathamBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP18Chapter 7Declaration Re: Electronic Filing 51/11/2016DebtorsCynthia EnciscoChristopher B. LathamBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP19Chapter 7Rights and Responsibilities of Chapter 7 Debtors and their Attorney61/11/2016DebtorsCynthia EnciscoChristopher B. LathamBankruptcySouthern District
BK7SP20Chapter 7Financial Management Certificate of Education143/8/2016DebtorsCynthia EnciscoChristopher B. LathamBankruptcySouthern District