To order, send an email to us at  In this email state: 1) what you are ordering – Motion for Relief From Stay in Chapter 7 Cases; and 2) the name of the person or entity ordering the package, and the city you live in.  If our package does not work for you, just send us an email telling us and do not pay the invoice we send.

All of the sample cases in this package are from the United States Bankruptcy Court.  With rare exceptions, the sample court documents are identical for all Bankruptcy Courts in the United States.  If the forms are different, we will send you the correct forms.

This motion package includes:

  1. The case name and case number of the below two filed sample cases are from the United States Bankruptcy Court.  These sample cases are excellent examples of how to file or defend a motion for relief from stay either on real estate or personal property in a Chapter 7 case by debtors who are representing themselves.  
  2. We purchase on your behalf all of these sample documents directly from the court.  This court charge is $13.70.
  3. We also include the blank PDF documents that you will need to fill in.  There is no cost for these documents.
  4. Our service charge to you is $20.  We provide all parts of the package to you within 24 hours of your email request. 
  5. You will be invoiced at your email address.  You have 3 days to pay the invoice which will be for $33.70.
CSP #TYPEPleading NameROADate FiledPartyLaw FirmJudgeCourtDistrict
BK7MR1Chapter 7Motion for Relief from Stay Attachments: 1 Declaration 2 Exhibit A - Note3 Exhibit B - DOT4 Exhibit C - Schedules5 Exhibit D - SOI1012/10/2009CreditorChristopher M. McDermottChristopher LathamBankruptcySouthern District
BK7MR2Chapter 7Notice of Filing of a Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay1112/10/2009CreditorChristopher M. McDermottChristopher LathamBankruptcySouthern District
BK7MR3Chapter 7Memorandum of Points and Authorities In support of Motion for Relief From Stay262/22/2010CreditorTony Faryar FarmaniChristopher LathamBankruptcySouthern District
BK7MR4Chapter 7Memorandum of Points and Authorities IN OPPOSITION TO MOTION FOR RELIEF FROM AUTOMATIC STAY343/3/2010DebtorAndrew H. Griffin IIIChristopher LathamBankruptcySouthern District
BK7MR5Chapter 7Reply Memorandum of Points and Authorities373/5/2010CreditorTony Faryar FarmaniChristopher LathamBankruptcySouthern District
BK7MR6Chapter 7Motion for Relief from Stay, RS # GBR-1 (Personal Property) 149/13/2013CreditorGary B. RudolphLouise DeCarl AdlerBankruptcySouthern District
BK7MR7Chapter 7Notice of Filing of a Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay169/13/2013CreditorGary B. RudolphLouise DeCarl AdlerBankruptcySouthern District